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3 Great Spots For A Motorcycle Camping Trip In Southern Ontario

There are few things more satisfying that going camping on a motorcycle. The feeling of freedom, the beautiful open road, the great outdoors. It makes you feel like a cowboy riding your steel horse into the great unknown. But sometimes it can be hard to pack your bike up for a week long ride through the Muskokas and beyond. Below are 3 great destinations for a weekend motorcycle camping trip right here in Southern Ontario.

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Kelso Conservation Area

The Kelso Conservation Area is located just outside of Milton, right off of Hwy 401. If you’ve driven by in the winter, then you’ll have probably noticed the well lit ski slopes running down the side of the niagara escarpment. But did you know that Kelso also has some great warm weather features?

Kelso offers camping, hiking and a whole host of other summer time activities. You can go for a swim, venture out into the reservoir on a stand up paddle board or just bask in the sun on their quaint little beach. And with the magnificent view of the Kelso escarpment behind you, you might just forget that you are only a short drive away from the GTA.

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Guelph Lake Park

Guelph Lake Park is located just north of Guelph, right off of Hwy 6. Like Kelso, GLP is situated on the edge of a man made reservoir, but that doesn’t mean the camping experience is any less spectacular. It packs a full range of camping amenities that will satisfy your appetite for the great outdoors.

You can rent a kayak or paddle board and get out on the water, take a hike through nearly 5 kms of  trails or bring your fishing rod and spend the afternoon fishing your worries away. No matter what spins your wheel, Guelph Lake Park has something for everyone. Spend a weekend here and it will be sure to become one of your favourite weekend getaways.

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Elora Gorge Park

The Elora Gorge Park is located just outside of the enchanting village of Elora. Most famously known for it’s magnificent views of the Grand River and the Elora Gorge, the EGP provides a beautiful camping experience for anyone who visits. So pack up your bike and take a relaxing cruise over to one of Ontario’s hidden gems.

One of EGP’s most unique experiences, is the opportunity to tube down the Grand River through the Elora Gorge. The views are breathtaking and have left many a camper lining up again and again to take another ride down the river. On top of that, you can go for a hike along the gorge, cast out a line and do some fishing, or even venture into the stunning village of Elora, voted Ontario’s Most Beautiful Village. With so many amazing features, the Elora Gorge Park will keep you coming back for more.

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