3 Life Lessons From MotoGP Champions

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The champions of any sport can provide great examples of what it takes to be successful in life. Hard work, dedication and a little bit of natural skill are just a few of the traits that help propel these real life superheroes to the top level of their sport. As for the rest of us average joes, we don’t need to be challenging for a world title to take advantage of these lessons. We can simply find everyday ways to apply these traits and start approaching life like a champion.

Valentino Rossi – Keep Smiling, Even When Things Get Tough

Valentino Rossi is arguably the most famous motorcycle racing champion in the world. No matter where the MotoGP paddock travels across the globe, you can always spot the iconic sea of yellow floating somewhere in the grand stands. What makes The Doctor’s career even more impressive is that he is still racing competitively at almost 40 years old.

One of Rossi’s best qualities is his child-like enthusiasm for life. No matter what the situation, he always seems like he’s having fun. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why he has attracted such an enormous following worldwide. Whenever he gets in front of the camera, he always projects a positive and upbeat attitude, even when the situation might seem difficult.

This isn’t to say that Rossi doesn’t have bad moments or that he wins every battle. Nobody wins all the time. But maintaining a positive attitude and approaching challenges with a smile, is one of The Doctor’s biggest strengths. One that has helped earn him nine world championships and one that is keeping him in competitive shape long after his contemporaries have hung up their racing boots.

Lesson: Approach every moment life throws at you with a smile. Even the difficult ones. Success is a journey, not a destination.

Jorge Lorenzo – Focus On Your Target Like A Laser Beam

Jorge Lorenzo is a three time world champion for a reason. The Spanish rider is known for his silky smooth riding style and fast corner speeds, but those aren’t the only reasons why he has won so many championships. One of Lorenzo’s biggest strengths is his ability to focus on his target like a hawk. Whenever he puts a goal in his sights, he locks onto it with all of his effort and focuses all of his energy on its achievement.

Unlike some of the other top riders in the paddock, Lorenzo didn’t come into the MotoGP championship and start winning right away. It took a number of years of hard work and dedication for him to ascend to championship status. All the while, his belief in himself and his ability to focus on his goal was the driving force behind that achievement.

When you’re surrounded by so many other great competitors, it’s easy to start to doubt yourself and lose your focus. But Lorenzo knew what he wanted, and he kept focusing on it, and working at it, until it became a reality. A lot of other riders may have lost their way in that situation, but Lorenzo’s ability to focus on his target year after year, is one of the big reasons why he is a three time world champion today.

Lesson: Focus on your target until you achieve it. Keep working no matter how long it takes. Believe in your ability to reach your goal and don’t let it out of your sights.

Marc Marquez – Love The Competition

Marc Marquez exploded onto the MotoGP scene in 2013 with a big bang. In his first six years in the MotoGP championship, he has already won four of them. Needless to say, Marquez is a rare talent, the type of rider that only comes around once in a generation. He is pretty much what you would end up with if you tried to genetically engineer the perfect motorcycle racing champion.

Despite the fact that Marquez is literally brimming with talent, there is one characteristic that sticks out above the rest. Marquez LOVES the competition. He loves to compete. He loves being challenged. And he loves responding to the challenge with even more incredible performances.

In a world where many people shy away from a challenge, Marquez is a great example of how embracing a challenge can push us to be an even better version of ourself. No matter what arena you are competing in, there is always going to be competition. If you try to avoid the competition or you fear your rivals, then chances are you are never going to live up to your potential.

Lesson: Take a page from Marquez’s play book and embrace the competition. If you approach a challenge head on, it’s only going to help make you stronger.

So thats wraps up this article on life lessons from the MotoGP. Find ways to apply each of these championship winning strengths in your own life. Take life with a smile, focus on your goals and embrace the competition. Once you start looking, I’m sure that you will be able to find many different situations where you can use these strengths to help you achieve your own goals. You can follow me by clicking on the social media links below and if you enjoyed this article please take the time to share it.

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