About Squirtbinder

Located in Southern Ontario Canada, I’m a motorcycle enthusiast, photographer and graphic artist. Lover of anything with two wheels and an engine, especially sportbikes. Gearhead with a sometimes frustrating obsession with carburated technology. Photographer who strives to capture the moment in a single picture. Graphic junkie with a desire to colour up the world of sportbike design and apparel.

All my designs are printed on the American Apparel 2001 shirt. It’s a high quality 100% cotton shirt with a soft feel and modern stylish cut that is used by a lot of fashion brands. No cheap boxy promo shirts with winged sleeves here. I chose a more expensive high quality shirt because my goal was not just to sell you shirts. I wanted to bring a little bit of style and colour to the arena of motorcycle themed shirts. I don’t just want you to buy it, I want you to wear it. And look good when you wear it, and feel good when you wear it, so you’ll keep wearing it.

My shirts are also designed, printed and shipped from Canada. That means no cross border charges, no conversion fees and reasonable shipping rates for Canadians.

SQUIRT/noun/slang/: gas; throttle; accelerator; a device that controls the speed of a vehicles engine.

BINDER/noun/slang/: brakes; a device for slowing or stopping a vehicles momentum.

SQUIRTBINDER/noun/slang/: sportbike; superbike; racebike; a motorcycle designed to accelerate hard out of the apex of one corner and brake hard into the apex of the next corner.




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